The 90’s are making a comeback

It seems as though the 90’s are making a comeback. Well not the whole entire nineties anyway. Thank heavens for that! We can certainly do without the music. The fashion industry seems to be moving more towards the nineties trends, you know crop tops, birkenstock sandals, overalls and plaid. A part of me is actually jumping for joy! Hearing plaid is making a come back may be the best news. Ever. On the other hand I’m not so sure about those birkenstock sandals. Sure they’v made a more sleek design and it’s comfortable. It still does not make it pretty.

Good news for all: Wearing plaid will not make you seem weird or out of place. it is actually quite easy to incorporate into your style. And if you want to try crop tops and overalls, then go ahead. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, or maybe even daring. Just please, no mixing plaid and plaid. Or a plaid overall. There is something as “too much”.  Shoes, boots in particular, scarves and watches is not it though.

Have fun trying this new trend. It may be just the perfect fit!  


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